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Rain or shine, it’s time for tacos!

Mexican flavours on the road

Tak-Oh was born with the idea of bringing the essence of Mexican food abroad, respecting the origins and preparation of each dish. Tradition is always present in each of our recipes and we use the best ingredients to make the experience unique.

Manuel Moreno, better known as “El Chef”, owner and operator of Tak-Oh, has a great experience in the three great cuisines of human heritage.

As a Chef, he respects the food and attends to his customers by delighting them with the best tacos in the region and will always come up with a surprise or two.


Quesadillas.  1x$12.50

14” Flour tortillas with melted mozzarella cheese and you can add you favourite as:

  • Add Chicken $4.50
  • Add Pork $5.50
  • Add Beef $7.50

Chips and Salsa $7.50

Truck made tortilla chips served with salsa.

Truck made guacamole $4

Mashed Avocado mixed with tomato and cilantro.

El Azteca $12

Tortilla layers soaked in tomatillo cream sauce filled in between with chicken breast chunks and yellow corn and topped with baked mozzarella cheese.

Seafood Cocktail $11.50

Mix of baby shrimp, baby scallop and mussel meat with our truck made lime and spicy salsa, mix with onions and tomatoes served with chips on the side.

Mexi – Fries $6.50

Baby nugget potatoes deep fried and tossed in a truck seasoning and served with salsa dip on the side.

Okanachos    $12.50

Truck made chips served with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, black olives and topped with mozzarella cheese, melted in the oven, and served with salsa, guacamole and cheesy cream sauce.

  • Add Chicken $4.50
  • Add Pork $5.50
  • Add Beef $7.50

Los Tacos

Choose between the following options:

  • 3 tacos $ 13.50

Chicken Tinga

Shredded chicken breast mix with rocket onions, cooked in a smoky red tomatoes and chipotle, and topped with cheesy cream sauce.

Pork Pibil

Slow cook and shredded pork pre marinated in citrus juices and achiote, served with pickled onions and habanero.


Tender cactus leaves cooked with rocket onions and plum tomatoes topped served with cilantro.

Mini Fish

White fish bites, topped with green cabbage, and  chipotle mayo.

*All tacos served with salsa on the side.



Fish Taco   3 tacos x $ 15.50

Beer batter Cod, topped with green cabbage, and drizzle chipotle mayo.

Prawn Taco 3 tacos x$ 17.50

Tempura style prawns, served with truck made guacamole, topped with cabbage, drizzle chipotle mayo.

Monster Tacos 2 tacos x$ 17.50

Tender pork “carnitas” slow cook in lard with Mexican spices served with rocket onion and cilantro. 

Tako Loco 3 Tacos x $16.50

Tender beef marinated in Mexican leaves and tomatoes served with rocket onions and cilantro.

Surf n’ Pork 3 Tacos x $19.00

One prawn taco, one mini fish taco and one monster taco.

My head says gym but my heart says tacos

Bringing tacos across the border

Bring the mexican flavours to all you events! We’d love to be part of your best memories by giving you an amazing culinary experience. 

Our services can be hired for a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and more.

If you wish to have the best mexican food in you events, please contact us and let us know about the size of your party, your dietary requirements and what kind of food you would like.

How many tacos is too many?

Drop us a line!